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Paddleboarding with disabilities

What’s your excuse?

It’s very easy to get caught up in reasons not to do something. Especially if you’re feeling a little low, a little less than your normal self.

Too cold? Too wet? Not feeling it? Don’t think you’re good enough? All easy reasons to decide not to get on the water.

Well hopefully, here’s something to give you a little inspiration… I bet your excuse no longer seems so valid when you watch these.

One of the great things about paddleboarding is the almost non-existent learning curve, and the ease of access to the board. With no gunnels or raised edges, almost anyone can get on a SUP no matter what their physical ability.

Maybe this is why we’ve started to see ‘paddleability’ type instructors and courses springing up around the country. At McConks, we’ve been working with Beyond Boundaries East Lothian for several years now, using their advice to design inclusive kit, and supporting their efforts to get people with a range of abilities on paddleboards.

But in the last few months, the paddleability world seems to be growing at a rate of knots.

We’ve got big things to announce in 2020 all courtesy of our GoInspire initiative. But we can;t tell you much about them yet. Until then, have a look at what some of our friends and partners have got up to.

This video is the inspirational Laura May from Anyone Can, paddling alongside specialist adventure provider able2adventure and with instructor Elspeth Mason from outdoor experience provider Mere Mountains paddling from Fell Foot.

This video is from the very inspirational Beyond Boundaries East Lothian paddling in and around Haddington on the North East coast.

So we’ll ask again? What’s your excuse now? Get out on the water and inspire others!

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