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October eFoiling – meditation circles in the sun.

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October can be a fantastic month for weather in the UK (if we’re lucky). Whilst it’s certainly autumn – with much cooler mornings, chilly evenings and the potential for wet and windy weather – there can often be a respite. We talk about the weather a lot at McConks. Mainly to give you guys a heads up on paddle boarding windows of opportunity. But good weather can straddle other disciplines too.

Reasons to eFoil.

eFoiling is one of the most accessible areas of foiling. Having power at your fingertips means there’s not as much faffing about with starts as say wing foiling. Instead, you squeeze the throttle and away you go. Straight away you’re fast tracked to the point of flying. Then it’s just a case of dialing in sustained flights. Which, again, can happen much quicker when on an eFoil.

As a discipline in its own right eFoiling offers the chance to fly above water when there’s nothing else happening. If you’re already a foiler, perhaps liking wind and/or waves, it can be slightly frustrating when conditions go on hiatus. Having an eFoil in your ‘toy box’, however, , means no hanging around during flat spells. Simply charge your gear, head to the beach and fly!

eFoiling meditation.

Foiling of all types can be a mediative experience. Flying above water, doing figure of eights and cruising can be a hypnotic experience. Yes, you have to have those skills nailed down, but with time afloat, practise and perseverance skills come quick. And even quicker with an eFoil.

eFoiling isn’t a gnarly, extreme sport. It’s much more tranquil. Silently gliding above the water’s surface riders can fall into a mediative state, focusing only on the movement. Paddle boarding can be the same. But with a very different feel. In all cases these types of riding are great for clearing the head and resetting your headspace clock – another area McConks talks about often.

If you’ve never tried eFoiling we highly recommend it. It may end up being your complimentary to SUP. There’s really nothing quite like it. For anyone with eFoiling questions feel free to get in touch via this link.

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