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New batch wingsurfing wings; optimised designs, new sizes – time to Go Fly!

We’re stoked with the latest batch of McConks Go Fly wingsurfing wings as the product’s evolved in terms of design just as with the sport itself. There’s no question wings to fly are still catching people’s attention and with more and more riders hearing the call McConks’s Go Fly had to evolve in tandem. So for the new autumn season we’re now offering a range of Go Fly sizes coming in 1.5m (aimed at kids and smaller stature riders or for super windy conditions), plus a 4m, 5m and 6m.

In terms of optimisations each inflated leading edge strut has been configured for its individual square metre size to ensure the aerodynamic properties of each Go Fly is as efficient as possible. The main canopy is attached to the centre strut increasing rigidity and better air flow, which also increases efficiency – especially during pumping if you’re looking to get onto foil.

The beady eyed will have also spotted we’ve got rid of the windows. We appreciate the jury’s out on this but ultimately by not having them means more longevity for the wing – as wing windows can wear down – plus additional canopy rigidity. Having had the McConks Go Fly 5m wing on test extensively this summer it’s deemed that because riders can raise the wing above his/her head this gives a better field of vision than trying to peer through a wing window that’s usually covered in water and debris anyway.

So, whether you plan on wing foiling, wing SUPing or winging on land (which is a thing) get in touch to bag your own Go Fly wingsurfing wing for those blowy days this autumn. Likewise, if you have any questions about winging give us a shout.

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