Multiple watersports passions and how to manage them.

McConks, as well as being a SUP brand are all about outdoors lifestyle and multiple watersports. Andy and Jen (McConks owners) both come from a background of various disciplines – as we’ve said many times. Getting off the sofa, into the blue yonder and being active si what’s most important. Of course, we want everyone to paddle board. But additional activities are also great. Making the most of all weather is the best course of action. We appreciate that in today’s hectic world of work and family commitments this can be tricky though.

Can we manage multiple hobbies effectively?

We guess the answer to this question is it ultimately depends on what your chosen pastimes are. Cycling and footy for instance are maybe easier than those activities which rely on Mother Nature like windsurfing and paddle boarding. Jumping on your bike is almost too easy at any time of day. And football is even easier.

This may be one of your passions. But filling time with something else is key.

Weather in the UK isn’t as cut and dry as wind or not, wavey or not. And let’s not forget some locations have tide to contend with too. This can often lead to much head scratching and frustration if your window for watersports is missed. Seasonality is also a pain. With winter not delivering much in the way of additional daylight hours.

When the stars align, however, and the elements come together everything becomes right with the world and your previous frustrations evaporate. It’s this feeling and memory which keeps a good many coming back for more. Planning and actually scoring are incredibly tiring sometimes. Particularly if you’re reliant on wind/waves. This is why something like SUP, which can be done on any stretch of water, is a great filler as well as its own stoke inducing discipline.

We know plenty of wind and kitesurfers who find equal fulfillment from flat water paddling. It’s all down to how broad you’re prepared to open your mind.

Another sport but another option.

How to score.

The simplest way of scoring and managing all your watersports hobbies is don’t get fixated too much on one thing. Any time you get a window of opportunity keep an open mind. You may have kitesurfing in mind but upon arrival at the beach it might be better for surfing. Equally that window may suddenly close, leaving you with less time. Perhaps a flat water SUP will be the go, which is much better than sitting it out and seething.

Those ‘glory days’ sessions will materialise more than you think if you’re patient and not ready to throw the towel in. Keep the faith, go with Mother Nature’s flow and it’ll all turn out golden. We promise!

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