McConks’ white water river SUP connections.

White water SUP sits beneath the radar for a good many in the UK. We’re not sure why. Perhaps it’s because rivers in flow can be quite intimidating. Or maybe it’s just not even considered to be a ‘thing’ among the SUPing masses. Looking at UK SUP brands and there aren’t really any others that have a vested interest in river stand up. The odd one or two may have had a model in their range. But not as many as us. 

The McConks white water SUP connection.

It should be remembered that all McConks’ white water SUP boards have much broader versatility. While they were designed with rivers in mind the performance attributes you find with these models straddles other areas.

For instance, the McConks Go X Wild (designed with help from WW supremo Ant Ing) makes for a stable coastal compact tourer. You don’t need to be gunning rapids and wave trains to get the most out of it. And the Go Skate can be surfed on ocean swell as much as it can be chucked into standing waves and the like.

The buzz of WW SUP.

White water SUP does deserve more attention than it gets in the UK. More paddlers live next to rivers (or at least within close proximity) than they do tidal water. WW paddling doesn’t need to be extreme and hardcore. A minimal amount of flow can be enough to deliver a buzz. Maybe with the large influx of stand up paddlers over the last few years, we’ll see a few progress into the realms of white water. Only time will tell. 

If you fancy a shot at some white water river paddling then make sure you’re experienced enough. And be aware of hazards, keeping SUP safety in mind at all times. It may be better to have a qualified guide take you on some river runs before going yourself. Rivers can be just as dangerous as other stretches of water. But with the right planning and safety precautions, WW paddling can be enjoyed to the max.

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