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McConks top 5 SUP articles of 2021.

Looking back on the year that’s gone is customary when a new 12 months rolls in. We’ve already been doing a pic and video roundup of this via the McConks Instagram feed. Check out our #supreflections2021 here. 2021 was certainly a busy one, even with the continuing headaches of COVID, Brexit and supply chain issues. The McConks website was buzzing last year and our SUP and watersports articles get a lot of interest. With this in mind here’s a rundown of our most popular top 5 blog posts of 2021.

To Dryrobe or not.

Technically this wasn’t published in 2021 but it continues to be one of the most popular pieces of content on McConks’ website. Whilst we’re not change robe specialists per se we do know a thing or two about these essential pieces of SUP kit. Perhaps because of our expertise across the wider world of watersports is why this article continues to perform.

Whatever the reasons this post is the post that keeps on giving.

SUP fin focus.

Another article that was actually penned a while back, albeit updated last year. SUP fins is a topic that confuses most, understandably. We published the focus on fins post to try and address this. And by the looks of how popular the article is it’s doing some good.

Hit up the link to read the focus on fins article here.

Choosing your perfect SUP board.

This is actually one of our FAQ articles. But understandably, with so many different choices of stand up paddle board available, newbie paddlers need some help making their choice. Hopefully, this article helps with that. But if not hit us with any questions you have.

Hydrofoil foil design differences.

This may surprise a few of you as a good many still don’t know our involvement with foiling. If you missed it McConks sells wing foil wings in the form of the Go Fly. We also peddle a LiOn battery power hydrofoil board – which Family McConks had mucho fun on the eSkate during summer 2021.

Check out the videos below featuring these products. And read the ‘The differences between high aspect and low aspect hydrofoils for wing foiling’ post here.

eFoil fun at McConks’s local patch.

Foiling fun with the McConks Go Fly

Stand up paddling with toddlers.

Our final most popular McConks blog post of 2021 is another article written before last year. But then updated. Being a family orientated SUP company it’s no surprise we appeal to other families who paddle. And having gone through the paddling with toddlers phase ourselves we appreciate how this topic will interest a good many parents.

There’s no question SUP is one of the easiest ways to introduce your offspring to the world of watersports. And we salute all those who do. Check out the post here.

For more articles and posts from the world of McConks SUP head over to the blog roll page.

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