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McConks SUP: we do polarised, floating sunglasses too!

If you didn’t already know McConks isn’t just a supplier of premium quality inflatable stand up paddle boards, top shelf paddles, SUP fins and hardware. We also do accessories; including pumps, paddling apparel, leashes and also sunglasses. Why are we reminding you of this? Simple really. When paddling on any stretch of water – especially at this time of year (summer) you’re eyes will get beaten by all those harmful UV rays reflecting back up off the water. And even during winter this can occur.

It goes without saying that we all should be slapping the suncream on. Hats too! But even under a brim, if you’re not protecting your eyes with sunglasses damage may still be happening. We know of a bunch of watersports nuts, who spend considerable amounts of time in the brine, who admit that over the years all that bright light has affected their sight. They’re now wearing shades in the water as well as on land.

McConks’ range of polarised wooden sunglasses not only looks great they’re also fit for the job in hand: reducing the sun’s glare and providing comfort, oh and they also float! If you haven’t seen the McConks sunnies range then check them out here. We have styles to suit male and female paddlers and also kids! If you have any questions about McConks sunglasses then let us know.

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