McConks SUP user guide #4: how to fit a stand up paddle board leash.

Stand up paddle board leash styles, types and what each is good for have been a talking points within SUP for a while. With 2020 seeing such unprecedented re-growth in stand up paddle boarding they’ve once again become a highly important topic of discussion – and rightly so. Leashes are your one true connection to your main source of floatation (your board!). BUT. The wrong type in the wrong scenario can prove lethal as this news story from 2020 sadly demonstrates.

If you’ve bought your board in 2021 it will come with a connect leash rather than ankle leash, and a Quick Release Waist belt. If you purchased prior to Autumn 2020, you’ll have received an ankle leash. Instructions on how to fit both are below.

SUP Connect leash and waist belt

  1. Attach connect leash to board
  2. Attach connect leash to QR belt
  3. Attach QR belt around your waist
  4. Remove excess belt

For more info on how to attach and fit a variety of QR Belts check out this article from our friends at Rapid Skills.

McConks Ankle Leash

With your McConks inflatable stand up paddle board package you’ll receive a McConks coiled leash. This will be fine for getting afloat atop flat, placid water with minimal flow/tide, as long as your area’s free of obstacles such as overhanging tree branches and other submerged hazards unseen. The McConks leash is also fine for use on the sea and for playing in small surf. If you plan on being more adventurous then you’ll need to be thinking about alternative leash solutions.

McConks stand up paddle board ankle leash in action.

In the meantime refer to the following video of how to attach your McConks coiled leash to your inflatable stand up paddle board, ably demonstrated by one of McConks’ younger team members. 

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