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McConks SUP pop up retail outlet.

Here at McConks we’re always on the lookout 9f ways to get our awesome products in front of potential customers – even if only on a local level. We appreciate sometimes it’s hard to picture certain aspects of McConks paddle boards unless you’re actually laying hands on kit. And as we always promote we spend a lot of time working on the quality of McConks paddle boarding gear. The amount of effort put into design means McConks SUP is comparable to other big brand products. Just ask our existing McConks paddle board riders who swear by it!

Another important aspect of McConks is being able to make the most of what we have. And we mean that in the physical sense. Being a sustainable business, with one eye on environmental low impact, keeps us looking for ways to improve every aspect of the business. McConks has a lock up where we store paddle gear, ready for onward shipment to new owners. With the above points in mind, however, we’ve been keen to make more of this space.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sorting and tidying the McConks ‘Aladin’s Cave’ making it viable for welcoming footfall customers. So a retail outlet of sorts. As we say this should be a better way for prospective McConks paddle board owners to view the gear and use make more efficient use of what we have at the same time.

Now, before everyone gets too excited, this isn’t a 9-5, 7 days a week, McConks shop. Being a small family owned business we have other commitments. So it’ll be run in a pop up shop style on an ad hoc basis. Therefore if anyone is thinking of heading out this way it’s best to get in touch beforehand and make sure we’ll actually be around. We can’t promise we will, due to those aforementioned commitments. But if we can be we will be.

Keep your eyes peeled for times we’ll be at the McConks ‘shop’. And if you have any questions do get in touch via the usual channels.

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