You are currently viewing McConks SUP awesomeness pics – early spring 2022 edition.

McConks SUP awesomeness pics – early spring 2022 edition.

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As we edge ever closer to spring SUP kick off 2022 we know there’s plenty of activity readying gear for the new season. Some have already been at it, however. In fact, some paddlers haven’t really stopped, continuing to get amongst during the winter. and we salute anyone who does this. We also appreciate why you’d hang your paddle up for the off season though. Both are good – we’re not judging!

Keeping spring in mind we’re giving air time to McConks SUP paddlers who’ve been afloat these last few weeks for this installment of McConks’ SUP awesomeness pics. Big thanks to all those who are featured and keep paddling. We expect to see lots more as the season kicks in fully.

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Scott Wilson.
Steve Nelson.
Barry Davies.
Bob Mawson.
Chris Jones.
Rapid Skills.
Mark Outdoor Adventures.

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