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McConks SUP: a helping hand, where possible…

It’s not just general mental well-being that stand up paddle boarding can help with, there are plenty of other well being areas that SUP can benefit. For instance, we have it on good authority that the right kind of stand up paddle board can encourage people with behavioural problems, or with autism (for example) to enjoy and gain from being on the water and outdoors.

We were speaking to a customer about about kit yesterday. Whilst talking he let us know that the reason for purchasing our super wide and stable 9’8 whitewater beginner board wasn’t for the more normal whitewater reasons, but to have a super stable platform for their autistic child. And then he said something that made all the hard work of the last few years worth it. Feedback like this really made us go a little soft and gooey inside, and Andy was actually speechless.

We’re thrilled with our 9’8 whitewater board, it’s changed our lives! We wanted a wider board for our autistic son, to get him on the water and to calm him down. It’s really worked and it has really changed all of our lives.

We don’t often get the chance to change people’s lives in such a dramatic way! Getting feedback like this makes what we do, the long hours on the phone to customers, suppliers, businesses all the more worthwhile. SUP, from our point of view, is about enriching lives for the better and if we can help someone achieve this then that’s beyond rewarding.

Disclaimer: This isn’t to say that SUP will work for everyone’s situation. We’re 100% not experts, and we can’t guarantee this works for everyone. If, however, we can help in any way by providing SUP gear to benefit people’s lives then this is a good thing.

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