McConks summer SUP vibes (video).

With it now being spring proper it’s only a short period of time before summer swings in. And whilst current seasonality is great for stand up paddle boarding (and other watersports) action we know summer’s what everyone’s really waiting for.

You know the score: dawn’s crack sunrise paddles, lazy beach days in the sun, glassy afternoon sojourns along the river, pub paddles, messing about with friends and family in the sea, BBQs off the beaten track, swinging lazily in a hammock, reflective solo sessions, evening sprints to blow the cobwebs away, headspace sweeps round your local, sunrise SUPing before bed and so on. The list is endless. Whatever flavour of stand up paddle boarding you’re into summer’s when the vibe really kicks in!

So to celebrate the onset of the best season we’ve cobbled together this little video celebrating many of the aspects mentioned above. Hopefully, this’ll get you frothing for some summer SUP action. We can’t wait! Can you?

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