You are currently viewing McConks’ stand up paddle boarding bitesize travel guides: Llangennith, Gower Peninsula, Wales.

McConks’ stand up paddle boarding bitesize travel guides: Llangennith, Gower Peninsula, Wales.


Llangennith, Gower Peninsula, Wales

Spot type:

Open ocean, Atlantic facing spot with a massive expanse of golden sand being in close proximity to Swansea (although you wouldn’t know it). The northern half of Rhossili Bay ‘Gennith picks up most Atlantic swell and is the indicator break for many of the surrounding surf spots. It’s also notorious with big waves in the mix for its hellish paddle out with the onslaught of relentless white water.


Llangenith can throw up some fairly big surf – especially during winter. At 5km long there are peaks for everyone so even if conditions are good and there’re a few in you should be able to find some quiet space. As this is open water rips can occur at certain times whilst the wave type will change slightly through the tidal cycle. If you head south towards Rhossili there’s less size whereas the opposite rings true if you head north. All water craft are popular here, not just surfing and SUP. Llangenith can be good for windsurfing as well. E winds are offshore.


Rips, currents, other water users and some rocks at high tide. It can also be a bit dumpy with high water as the beach is steeper.


Drive (slowly) through the village and head towards Hillend campsite where you’ll find parking and beach access. Walk 200 yards across the sand dunes and you’re in. During high season the campsite and car park can get very busy.

Popularity (1-10):

10+ during good weather falling to around 2 in winter.


Hillend campsite has all the facilities you’d expect plus and onsite café and bar. In Llangennith village you’ll find the King’s Head pub which serves food and beverages. It’s not the biggest, however, and reaches capacity quickly. Across the road you’ll find PJ’s (surfing legend) Surf Shop which stocks all your surfing and SUP essentials.


Separating the men from the boys (and girls from the women) when a big swell pulses in ‘Gennith is ferociously hard to paddle out back. At other times, when it’s less than 4ft, you’ll find a fairly mellow, easy going wave that’s great for learning to SUP surfing. Improvers will also be challenged whilst experts will find fun walls for all manner of carves. Llangennith is exposed and does get blown out quickly. The southern Rhossili end offers shelter from S wind with other breaks available around the peninsula working on various conditions. Overall Llangennith’s vibe is quite family and laid back during summer. There’s an almost Californian vibe surrounding the village and beach with plenty of dude and dudettes mixing/mingling with mum and dad types. If it should go flat there’s plenty of opportunity for SUP touring, with the imposing Worm’s Head rock formation offering potential for investigation if you know what you’re doing.

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