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McConks’ stand up paddle boarding bitesize travel guides: Chichester shipping canal, Chichester, West Sussex.


Chichester shipping canal, Chichester, West Sussex

Spot type:

Inland, non-tidal placid flat water location.


Flat, sheltered, most shallow with little to moderate effects from weather.


Occasional small boat traffic, other paddlers, some river debris and wildlife to be aware of.


Access can be anywhere along the bank where easy put ins can be found. Mostly, however, paddlers launch from the main basin next to the canal office.

Popularity (1-10):



The main reception and office has a small café where refreshments can be purchased, as well as your pass for using the canal. It’s upkeep is charity based so the small launch fee of £6 goes towards maintenance. Parking can be found next to the basin although spaces are limited. You can also find some spaces in side roads although these are residential areas so respect should be given to those who live there. Sit on top kayak and SUP hire available.


Chichester’s shipping canal is, these days, quiet, tranquil, sheltered and blissful. Run by a trust it no longer is a busy shipping route instead caters for kayakers, stand up paddle boarders and outdoor lovers. It still links Chichester to the open water of Chichester Harbour and those who fancy can navigate their stand up paddle board toward the sea. For most, however, the canal offers flat, placid, calm water that’s little affected by weather conditions. Even in the strongest of gales the water remains flat – so much so that a number for local SUP racers use the canal for training runs when sea fronts are too choppy. Newbie paddle boarders will also be well served here as it’s a perfect training ground for developing skills.

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