You are currently viewing McConks’ stand up paddle boarding bitesize travel guides: Chasewater, Staffordshire, West Midlands.

McConks’ stand up paddle boarding bitesize travel guides: Chasewater, Staffordshire, West Midlands.


Chasewater, Staffordshire, West Midlands

Spot type:

Inland reservoir that was created to feed the local canal network. Chasewater is now classed as a country park and offers a variety of watersports opportunities. Chase Sailing Club run SUP taster and improver sessions during summer.


Being an inland spot Chasewater is flat without tide. That said it’s fairly big (9 square metres) and as such can get quite choppy with windy conditions in the mix. It’s a big draw for local windsurfers and dinghy sailors and now a large windsurf foiling community. It’s still great for paddling, however, with plenty of nooks and crannies to explore.


Waterski and wakeboard boats are a common site on Chasewater. Whilst they have their own designated area they’re still worth keeping an eye out for. As mentioned above there’s also a big dinghy and windsurfing scene. These craft should be steered clear of. Other than that water temperature should be heeded. Inland lakes/reservoirs warm up fast with good weather but also cool down quickly. Weeds can be quite bad as well in some places.


Official access for stand up paddle boarding is on the shore where Chase Sailing Club stands. But if you’re prepared to walk you can launch from a multitude of places along the edge of Chasewater.

Popularity (1-10):

8 in summer dropping during off seasons.


Chase Sailing Club has a club house with changing facilities, showers and a bar/refreshment area. You need to be a member, however. During summer there are other food and drink outlets that can be found next to the kiddy playpark on the opposite bank. You’re also super close to Norton Canes, Burntwood, Brownhills and other villages where you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained off the water.


Chasewater is a fairly exposed stretch of inland water that attracts many types of outdoor enthusiast. In the past ten years the site has been reshaped to cater more for this with activities like mountain biking, hiking and watersports further encouraged. Now there’s a big SUP scene that goes hand in hand with dinghy sailing/windsurfing. It’s also a noted spot for wakeboarding and waterskiing. On any given day you’ll find a peaceful, calm bit of water that won’t tax you too much in terms of delivering full on conditions. During spells of breeze, however, it can be hard going for SUP with strong gusts puffing across the water. You’re best off sitting it out at this time, if you’re a progressing paddler, or attaching a sail (if you can) for some windSUP action. Chop in the middle of Chasewater can get quite big and for those with experience downwinding can be indulged. We also have it on good authority that winging is starting to feature.

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