McConks Onewheel review

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McConks Onewheel video review – easy to ride and good for your mental health

Tom Craven asked to borrow one of our skatewheels a few weeks back. He’s a videographer and wanted to produce some content, and fancied having a go on one of our trotter self balancing skatewheels – our equivalent to the US made OneWheels produced by the US company future motion.

We keep a few of the skatewheels as demo boards, and given we have totally failed to do a decent product video of them, we said yes.

So here’s the review:

Tom’s experience exactly matched ours when we first got them. For the 5 minutes or so, we thought we’d never be able to do it. Then we realised that holding on to something to start helped. After about 15 mins, it felt pretty easy to use on hardpack, but using it on softer our rougher ground was hard. But we still thought that there was no chance we’d able to be able to start or stop without an assistant. But then, within probably two hours of riding time spread over a few weeks, it felt like second nature – starting, stopping, turning, riding off road, were all easy. Now we’re at the stage of considering tricks 🙂

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