McConks new SUP paddle blade graphics – which one’s your fave?

We’re always looking to evolve here at McConks. With this in mind we’ve been tinkering with different SUP paddle blade options, as you can see below.

From a stand up paddle boarding point of view (with emphasis on the standing and paddling bit – even though SUP has evolved to include other forms of propulsion) your paddle is still the defining piece of equipment. We appreciate, however, that as much as paddling performance is required from your ‘engine’ it also has to look decent.

McConks graphics and liveries have been changing over the last few seasons but up until this point, we’d not shone a spotlight on our paddles. So, now we have. But which one do you think’s best? Is the timeless, understated and knocked back version your favourite or do you like something with a bit more pizazz?

Let us know what your preferred design is. You can follow the original Facebook conversation here. Get involved!

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