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McConks Coronavirus GoInspire hardship fund

GoInspire hardship fund – helping where we can

We’ve been really inspired how different companies have stepped up the mark in these times of crisis, and doing all they can to help. From work canteens doing free delivered meals for the vulnerable, to restaurants turning themselves into shops, to some of the amazing things that individuals are doing to give up their time.

We’ve been wondering what we can do to help. Apart from offering our time and van to help, we’ve felt a little powerless. But maybe there is something we can do….

If you work with kids and vulnerable adults

If you’re a social enterprise or third sector organisation working exclusively with kids or vulnerable adults, want to keep running activities and can do so safely whilst still maintaining social isolation requirements, but due to the current state of the world are a little short of cash, then we want to help. We can’t promise the world, but we are sorting out new monthly payment terms and hire offers for those companies who provide essential outdoor activities for those who would struggle to get it otherwise. Contact for more information.

This offer is available immediately as of 21 March 2020.

SUP sunrise
Social distancing by SUP

If you’re a key worker or teacher

Spending time on or near water is proven to be good for mental and physical wellness, and key workers are having a pretty hard time of it right now! Finding time to manage your own physical and mental wellbeing might be one barrier to getting on the water, but we don’t want ready cash to be a barrier.

So if ready cash is a barrier to you getting out on the water (notwithstanding all the other barriers at the moment), then we want to help. We’re looking to sort out new payment plans over 4 and 8 months, with an option to return the board during the payment plan if it’s no longer needed, or if the payments get too much for you. Email us at if this is of interest.

This offer is available immediately as of 21 March 2020.

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  1. H

    How totally awesome of you. Heartening to see how there’s such a desire to do something good, everywhere. Take care of yourselves and each other.

    1. andy mcconkey

      Thank you for your kind words. These are unprecedented times, and it’s not a time for profiteering. We all need to do what we can

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