McConks Christmas tree decorations – the perfect Yule Tide SUP fan accessory.

How much of a McConks SUP fan are you?

With the festive season now upon us (although lights, trees and decorations were starting to pop up a few weeks back) it’s time to get that tree erected, if you haven’t done so already. But how to approach the decorating aspect?

You could go all traditional and keep it red and gold with baubles and tinsel. Modernists may opt for fibre optics with ever changing colourways. Or if you’re truly into SUP – like, really addicted – and perhaps a supporter of McConks in tandem, perhaps these funky McConks Christmas tree dec will float your boat. It kind of goes without saying but it did ours.

These awesome McConks SUP Christmas decorations we got from South East Signage. The guys have an ingrained connection to watersports (owner Sam Latham is a keen windsurfer and paddler) and have done a top job with our danglies.

Which is your favourite? Hit the product below to pick your favourite.

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