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McConks awesomeness SUP pics – summer sizzler edition.

It’s no secret the UK’s weather has been sizzling hot of late. And we’ve been bang on keeping you up to date with heads up pots regarding conditions and how that could potentially affect your paddling. Everyone loves a bit of fair weather for SUP. Granted some days recently may have been too warm. But around that, there’s certainly been opportunity to get amongst it.

You know the drill by now with our McConks awesomeness SUP pics posts. We scour the McConks SUP community group on Facebook to see what you’ve been up to and then feature a bunch of your pics to highlight the fact. Don’t forget to get involved with the group via this link so you can share your own McConks SUP adventures. In the meantime check out the action below from Matt Loftus, Gemma Kemp, Andy Mclean, Ali May, Al Storer, TP, Kate Wells, Simon Hatfield, Katy Fry, Mike Wareham, Scott Wilson, Chris Jones, Adventures With Emma, Lynsey Miles and Andrew Sansum. Big up to all of you – you’re awesome!

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