You are currently viewing McConks awesomeness SUP pics – pre-spring ’22 edition.

McConks awesomeness SUP pics – pre-spring ’22 edition.

SUP at this time of year – with February still being cold, the elements often against us and so on – can be tricky. Whilst daylight hours are increasing slowly many just don’t get the opportunity until the weekend. And when Saturday finally arrives it can often be a washout. Halting any plans you had of paddling. But there are some hardy souls out there, still getting amongst it. even when Mother Nature conspires against us. For this installment of McConks awesomeness SUP pics we salute those that still can and looking forward to spring proper which’ll hopefully be swinging in shortly. Don’t forget to get involved with the McConks SUP community Facebook group to see what all our McConks SUP paddlers get up to.

Steve Nelson showing paddlers the ways of the river.
Barry Davies getting his river surfing fix.
Patsy Gray and co with some snowy SUP fun.
Chris Jones with more Swedish winter SUP.
Lynsey Miles and crew off for a jaunt.
Niki Wyld and friends rafted up in the winter sun.
James Learmont and co enjoying the pool.
Andy Burgess and friend keeping their heads warm in style.

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