McConks awesome SUP partner salute #9 Scott McGlashan (Daddyboards).

Scott McGlashan and his Daddyboards SUP school and shop have been a McConks partner for a while. His enthusiasm shines through in everything he does. Ever keen to get on the water, snow and sometimes slide sideways on land (land paddle style) Daddyboards offer lessons and guided tours around the Kent and Medway area. Scott is also responsible for the McConks balance trainer you’ll also find in the McConks webshop here.

During winter if Scott and family aren’t on the water dabbling with paddles you may find them in the mountains running down snowy routes. Whatever the discipline one thing’s for certain. Scott and Daddyboards’ enthusiasm is tangible. Which is why they get a massive McConks awesome SUP partner salute.

Check out more from Daddyboards in the pics below or hit up their website and social media links here, here and here.

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