You are currently viewing McConks awesome SUP partner salute #7 Jim Wight (SUP 2 Summit).

McConks awesome SUP partner salute #7 Jim Wight (SUP 2 Summit).

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SUP 2 Summit’s owner Jim Wight is passionate about the outdoors. He’s also extremely enthusiastic about SUP and getting all comers involved. Jim’s local is the Montrose Basin, Lunan Bay and Catterline Bay in Scotland. Although SUP 2 Summit does also have a SUP pond and shop that’s extremely sheltered and great for taking those first paddling strokes.

There’s a huge amount that Jim can cover and information he can pass on. And not just regarding water either. His and the SUP 2 Summit’s skills extend to land based activities as well. With things like bushcraft and climbing also in the mix Jim and his SUP 2 Summit crew get one of McConks awesome SUP salutes in recognition of all the good work being done. Check out more from SUP 2 Summit here.

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