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Beating prejudice and helping dreams come true

Beating prejudice and helping dreams come true

It’s 2019. We’re meant to live in a modern, liberal, progressive society. But peer pressure, shame and guilt often still play too big a part in this world. People are still held back from achieving what they feel they’ve been born to achieve.

Sometimes it’s the individual themselves. Sometimes it’s their family. Sometimes it’s their community. But all too often we hear this very sad story.

Even if they’re from a society where difference is tolerated, they may grow up feeling incredibly ashamed and scared of their feeling, and therefore hide them from a young age. We’ve heard people say that they’re terrified that their friends will view them differently and this will turn their world upside down; there is also often the fear that once you’ve opened up and told them, they’ll start to doubt your motives.

Watch this touching movie to find out more.

Let go of anger

These people don’t mean to hurt you. They’re just stuck in their ways. But you can outgrow them, you can outshine them. You can fly their world and on to better things.

It’s extremely easy to let your angst at hiding your true feelings turn into anger or jealousy. You might see paddleboarders having fun all around you, and feel resentful that they can be open, and free and happy.

These negative thoughts are not unexpected, since you’ve strengthened those particular brain pathways through years of hating yourself for cheating on canoeing. They say ‘neurons that fire together wire together’, meaning that anything you do/think repeatedly becomes a learned behavior.

Be free

We’re so pleased to have helped Steve Smith of Causeway Coast Kayak Association along the road to happiness and freedom. It may have taken a whole six years from the video being made to finally have the courage to make the change. But finally, a 10’6 Go Anywhere, a 11’4 Go Explore and a 12’8 Go Explore give Steve everything he needs to satisfy all his demands. What’s more, they form the perfect range of paddleboards to drag his canoe and kayak friends at CCKA kicking and screaming into the modern world. Suitable for kids to play and roam, for adults to develop and practise skills, and also for those who want to adventure and explore.

You too can be as free as Steve! Don’t let your canoe/kayak friends, family or club hold you back!

Just a bit of fun

This whole article is of course firmly tongue in cheek. The canoe and kayak fraternity have been extremely good to us at McConks, and have been some of our best partners and customers from the word go. We’re pleased to have many friends across the paddlesports sector, including some who, for some unknown reason, have still never yet ventured on a SUP. But they’re few and far between these days 🙂

BC affiliated club discounts

We’re pleased to be able to offer club discounts on to clubs affiliated to British Canoeing. We can also offer some spectacular discounts to clubs willing to preorder fleets of SUPs in 2019 for delivery in 2020. Email us for more details

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