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Lockdown 2.0: will you still keep paddling? – Facebook SUP group survey results.

Here we go again: back to being confined to barracks as COVID continues to sweep the globe. Just like spring 2020 cases are at such a level that drastic measures are deemed necessary. Unlike spring, however, there’s a lot more knowledge surrounding the virus. So whilst we’re in a tricky situation is Lockdown 2.0 going to mirror that of earlier in the year? And does that mean an end SUP (at least in the short term)?

We already published a post detailing the advice given by the government but here’s a brief reminder list of why you can leave your home, published by The Metro at time of Lockdown 2.0’s announcement October 2020 –

Going to school

Going to work, if you can’t do your job from home

For exercise – there are no limits in place this time

For medical reasons

To escape injury or harm

To shop for food and other essentials

To care for vulnerable people

To volunteer

What was interesting is the SUP public’s response to Lockdown 2.0. We ran a small poll from one of our Facebook groups to get a feel about paddling through. You can see the results in the pie chart below.

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