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How to repair an inflatable stand up paddle board puncture.

Unfortunately mishaps do occur and possibly at some point your beloved inflatable stand up paddle board will pick up a nick causing a small puncture to occur. But fear not as repairing an iSUP is pretty easy. You board should come with a puncture repair kit as standard so you’ll have the majority of tools needed to complete the job in hand. You’ll need to grab a spatula and hairdryer with possibly some sandpaper as well.

Inflate your board so it has some air pressure. Then grab yourself some soapy water and sponge. Rub the water on your board and watch for bubbles appearing as air escapes to locate where the hole is.

Dry the area off but make sure you remember where the damage is. Marking lightly with a pen’s a good way to ensure this.

Once the damaged area’s dry take the sandpaper and gently scuff the zone to create a key – but don’t be too overzealous here. You’ll also want to do the same with the patch you’re applying. All good repair kits will have a number of patches, sandpaper, glue and a valve tool – the latter you won’t need though.

Next up deflate the board fully and completely dry off the board. If you need to leave it until all moisture has gone then done so.

Masking tape the area around the hole so the glue doesn’t go everywhere. Apply glue liberally with a paintbrush to the board and use a hairdryer to semi-dry the liquid before placing the patch over the hole. Use a spatula to get rid of any air bubbles. The patch should be equidistant from the hole in all directions.

As the patch dries you can use the hairdryer once more to further aid drying. Then leave for a few hours.

All in fixing a inflatable stand up paddle board hole is straightforward as long as you don’t rush it.

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