What is adventure paddleboarding? Adventure SUP is whatever you want it to be! Like everything in SUP – nothing is clearly defined, and we’re all still developing our definitions.

However, if you like to get on your board, carry some kit to make a cup of tea before paddling back, or like to camp overnight, or even undertake a multi day overnight stop journey, then you are definitely adventure paddleboarding!

Adventure SUP store

We’re working on a SUP adventure shop that will include products like mugs that clip to your board, kettles and stoves that only use wood, and hammocks and tarps for those overnight stops. This will be live within the next 3 weeks!

If you’ve got any ideas of products we should include beyond those mentioned above, just shout!

Nirvana in touring SUP Boards

We’re currently trying to design the only SUP touring board that anyone ever needs,based on the tech used on our race board. We’ve got a whole load of requirements from experienced paddlers already thrown into the mix. But if you have any ideas, please shout. We really want this to the best and most versatile touring board EVER. So please do message us with your views.