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Got time on your hands? Volunteer your time with the Furlough Enterprise Co-op.

Got time on your hands? Volunteer your time with the Furlough Enterprise Co-op

We’ve just come across this really great idea, and thought it was worth sharing.

The Furlough Enterprise Co-op is a brand new not for profit organisation set up to allow professional people with time on their hands to donate as little as two hours per week to help businesses, organisations, charities, communities and individuals who cannot otherwise afford to pay for the services they need to survive.

As founder Joanna Welch says:

“In light of the paradigm global economic shift due to COVID, in the way businesses operate; business diversification; new markets; start-ups; new emerging market leaders; the changes in the socio-economic environment and ultimately the heavy detrimental financial impact on businesses, organisations, communities and individuals, I feel now is the time to harness the bank of professional skill-sets that are the furloughed workforce, and use this to create a new way of trading expertise – an alternative to traditional procurement procedures i.e. budgetary led – instead offering an altruistic, community-driven cooperative where we can help buffer the damage of recession by enabling access to professional services to ensure survival for those who need it and do not have the financial resource to buy it. 

This concept will have an immediate effect on those suffering as a result of the pandemic; and then continue into the future to develop into a long-term business that continues beyond Covid.

It will also become an exciting new global network of contacts who can connect, interact and trade online – a highly valuable commodity. 

In essence the business is launched off the back of COVID / furlough schemes, but will carry on as a vehicle for people to be able to access some free professional services.”

You can donate as little as two hours per week by registering here.

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