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Gonzo SUP review the McConks Go Wild white water stand up paddle board (video).

Admittedly this is from 2019 but it’s still relevant due to the fact that we (McConks) don’t change our equipment every season. Therefore anyone looking for a decent white water SUP (better than Red Paddle – Gonzo SUP’s opinion not ours!) should have a gander at the Go Wild. Here’s Gonzo SUP’s first impressions review video of the Go Wild followed by a vid of the chap actually using it in some proper white water.

With whitewater stand up paddle boarding still very much under the radar it’s nice to have independent info like this which may go some way to encourage more paddlers to give it a shot. If you have any questions about the Go Wild or WW SUP in general then let us know as we have a bunch of gear that fits this niche.

And don’t forget to check out other vids on Gonzo SUP’s YT channel.

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