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Get some SUP ahead of October half term – (some) McConks boards still in stock…

It might seem like only recently kids went back to school but October, and therefore October half terms, is edging ever closer. That means there’ll be some time for SUP still left before winter proper kicks in. For anyone not already owning their own equipment and considering a purchase McConks still has some boards, paddles and accessories in stock.

11’4 (a small number left), 10’6 & 10’8 (a handful available). Brand new 9’8 Go Free crossover boards – perfect for paddling and wing if you feel like making the most of autumn winds. These are super stable, given their size, and perfect for surfing, learning to wing SUP and paddling on flat water.

Have a look at McConks’s other products also, such as the Go Sail inflatable windsurf sail – a great way to get on the water – plus all the paddles and accessories that are there to help with your SUP life. As always, if you have any queries then give us a shout on email, messenger or phone. We’re only happy to help you round out 2020 in style.

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