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Fixtures, fittings and fins – standardisation frustrations within SUP.

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For the most part, what you purchase as part of an inflatable stand up paddle board package is the same whatever brand you plump for. Board, paddle, pump, bag, fins and maybe a few accessories like waterproof phone pouch. Yet look closer and things aren’t always as they the same. A wise person once said it’s the details that matter…

As an example fin fittings are all very different. If you take the centrally located fin there are a whole host of varied types you can get depending on the company in question. The single screw, front pin US box is still very much the most popular but there are others out there. This can make swapping out and trying different ones a headache if your fin (or fins) don’t match what’s available.

We get it…Whatever product you purchase these days brands want to tie you in. You only have to look at smartphones to see this. For Android users Android apps are only compatible. Some clever Dick may have developed a bypass app which allows you to use Apple products but you won’t get the same level of functionality or features. It’s the same with SUP. Buy from brand A and chances are you’ll be tied in. If it’s a particularly premium SUP company then unfortunately their addon SUP accessories are probably priced similarly.

Whichever SUP you plan on owning it’s worth doing your research beforehand. If you have even the slightest inclination of changing things like SUP fins then make sure you’re aware of what type your board of choice has. Then you can identify if there’re this style available readily.

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