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Festive SUP weather predictions.

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Festive SUP – as in getting out for a paddle this Christmas period – is very much dependant on weather. For many people, Christmas means time off work and school. And time means the chance to potentially get wet. But with seasonality being as it is Mother Nature can often put paid to the best laid plans.

Festive SUP weather predictions.

The Met Office regularly publishes long range weather predictions. Whilst these can’t be relied upon for accuracy they do give a signal.

Over the past few weeks, it’s been tricky for SUP in many parts. Particularly if you’re looking for flatter water. Cold winds blowing don’t so much for motivation. Which we get. Fortunately, however, it looks like we’re on for more settled weather (broadly) across the UK. Cold, maybe, but windless periods carry less wind chill which can be one of the most off putting aspects of winter SUP. 

Will your festive SUP look like Chris Jones’ Swedish version?

Met Office long range forecast.

This is what the Met Office say for the Christmas period:

Saturday 18 Dec – Monday 27 Dec

Through this period, high pressure, already across southern areas, is expected to build further north, pushing the remaining wind and rain away. Here any rain will be light, giving a much drier second half to December for all and winds expected to be predominantly calm. Although rather cloudy at first, cloud amounts should reduce through the period, especially in the south and southeast. Temperatures near average to start, and locally mild in the north, although they will tend to become colder in time for Christmas, especially in southern areas. As a result, the risk of frost and fog increases, the fog slow to clear through the mornings, and perhaps lasting all day in some places.

Tuesday 28 Dec – Tuesday 11 Jan

It is likely to remain settled for the final week of 2021, with an increasing risk of frost and fog for Christmas and New Year. Any unsettled spells are most likely for the northwest, with occasional stronger winds, and some showers or longer spells of rain. Temperatures are expected to be around average, but milder in the north, and colder in the south at times, where frost is most likely. Heading deeper into January there is expected to be a gradual shift towards more changeable conditions, especially in the northwest, and turning milder again too.

Based on that, and with the potential for January cold snaps, it’s green light for paddling over Christmas. And hopefully, with high pressure dominant, not only will winds be light but also some sunshine as well.

SUP safety.

Of course, whatever the weather this is winter – in case, you miss that. Whenever you SUP during the off season there’s inherently more risk. SUP safety should therefore be at the front of your mind.

Don’t take on anything you’re not ready for. Make sure you’re armed with the most up to date weather info. And know how this will affect your chosen put in. If your venue is tidal know and understand what that means for launching and landing. And do wear the appropriate SUP clothing. Carry a means of contact (in an emergency) and tell others your plans. 

Festive SUP should be just that – fun! Stay safe and we hope you enjoy whatever Christmas stand up paddle boarding you manage to score.

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