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We asked a few of our bigger customers (number of boards not weight or height of customer) for a couple of words about McConks – why they choose us, if they were happy with our service, with our kit etc.  We were only really expecting people to complain. After all, it’s a given that the customers most motivated to respond to surveys are those who have an axe to grind. So we were expect lots of comments that would help us to improve our kit and our service.

What we weren’t expecting was the outpouring of, dare we say it, love.  We can’t post all the comments because it just appears self indulgent. And following the “if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably a subject” school of thought, then it probably would be rather self indulgent and boring.

But, this review from the lovely Adam and Jenny of Boardin Skool, was too lovely, and we thought you would allow us to indulge ourselves just once with a self congratulatory pat on our back. Of course, when you’re based in a beautiful part of the world, as Adam and Jenny are, and when you’ve got a dream business making people happy, it’s a lot easier to write positive happy reviews! But it’s fair to say Adam really knows his paddlesports. One of the most qualified British Canoe instructors in the UK (one of the very few level 5 instructors), Adam also sits on the newly inaugurated technical panel for SUP at British Canoeing.

But enough introduction, this is what they had to say:

Hi. My name is Adam Williams and my Wife (Jenny) and I are the proud Directors at Boardin Skool. We are a family run business that grew from passion for the sport of Stand up

Boardin skoolpaddleboarding and a healthy love for windsurfing, and paddle sport too.

Boarding skool has been in full flow for 3 years and we have been sup’in our way around the scene on most boards out there. We have moved from solid based boards, to some other makes of ISUP but found our feet 18 months ago we used our first Mcconks board. We used the 12’8 Go Explore board as a part of our source to sea expedition, which covered over 140 miles of Norfolk Broads, Sea and estuary, on, an out and back expedition. Our boards were loaded for a full 5 days and I had the McConks ISUP on this expedition. The boards were fantastic. it tracked well, effortless paddling with fast releasing rails and stern, and the board turned really well too both loaded and unloaded . We found the board to be extremely well balanced with expedition gear and without. the soft deck panel was substantial enough to manoeuvre around on and !!!! never lost grip however wet the board become.

Equally without being loaded Jenny (the real boss) paddles the McConks boards with our 3 year old on the front with ease and comfort, (even though wriggling around is his favourite past time). From a ladies perspective, they are light to carry, easy to transport, and well balanced for women with and without buoyancy aids on to get back on to.McConks sup Boardin akoo?

This made purchasing our new fleet of 9 boards for boarding skool an easy task back in the summer. I contacted Andy and was greeted with the same passion we share for board sports and an interest of who we were and what we do. Boardin Skool placed an order for 9 boards pre season and we have not been disappointed. The customer service has been quick, reliable and honest, and most important for us was we could talk to McConks on the phone as well as emails. This ensured we had the right product for the right purpose.

The boards have had a HEAVY summer, we have paddled WW, Surfed, countless taster sessions and Hire…. And they McConks supstill look as good as new. We have just taken delivery of the new Windsup and as soon as the wind blows jenny and I cannot wait to get out to give it a thorough blast across Norfolk’s finest coastline and Broads.

We have not been disappointed at all with our fleet, the performance or the durability. Totally proud to be supporting an British based product and excited about the future for our relationship with McConks. There are plenty of boards out there that people ride and have found there own serenity on it. but we have too and thanks McConks for it being your boards. Well done on creating a fantastic brand.

To find out more about Adam, Jen and Boardin Skool, check out their Facebook page.


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