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Electric hydrofoils – fad or fun? What do you think?

This isn’t anything new per se – electric hydrofoils and their associated boards have been around for a while. There’re some good YouTube vids out there featuring riders covering unique distances. We say unique as one edit we have in mind sees the foiler head inland along a city river on a beautiful Bluebird day. It certainly inspires…

Hands up as well, our interest has certainly been pricked of late. BUT, and it’s a BIG BUT (hence the capital letters), there are a few downsides. eFoils are pretty pricey. You’ll certainly need a few extra pennies in your bank account if you fancy getting hold of one. And also, are these just one step away from riding jetskis? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, apart from those select few who taint the sport’s reputation. And, of course, as an ethically sustainable brand, that relies on paddle/wind power for our jollies does an electrically driven toy fit the mould?

What do you think? Are the fun or faddy? Would you buy an eFoil you could? And what would you do with yours?

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