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Do I need a kids size inflatable SUP?

Do I need a kids inflatable paddleboard?

Do I need a kids size paddleboard?

Many column inches have been written elsewhere about why a kids size SUP is essential for young riders.

We agree that there are many reasons why a SUP that’s biomechanically designed to fit a kids frame can be important if you want your kids to be the next Junior SUP world champ, for most of us it isn’t that essential.

Now this might sound surprising from a brand that sells a kids sized inflatable paddleboard. But we know how hard it is to afford one paddleboard, let alone a whole paddle fleet. And we think it’s more important to get them on the water at all. And if that means using an old second hand adults board, or sharing boards around the family, then so be it!

But you can make a much lower cost purchase that would have a significant and immediate impact on your and your kids fun and development – a kids paddle.

For us, the most important benefit is that you as adults are much less likely to get walloped by an overlong, overheavy paddle! That, if we’re totally honest, is the real reason we started selling kids paddles. Our lads were a total liability with adults paddles, and we were at serious risk of losing a body part.

But, the more obvious benefits, about having a blade size, attack angle, paddle weight, grip and length that is designed for kids, is why you should be considering a kids paddle.

The blades on our kids paddles are made from tough, durable nylon, and although they’re pretty stiff and generate power, they also have a little give in them under signficant stress, so they’re pretty indestructible

These paddles have been sized to suit average height kids between the ages of about 4 and 13 (1m and 1.5m tall). This is obviously quite a large range, and covers a large strength range. The blade has been designed for the top quartile of the age range, although, being significantly smaller than a typical adults paddle, it is still better for the younger kids than a typical adults paddle.

If you really do want to splash out a super light paddle for kids, then our adults V81 race paddle can actually be used as a two piece split, with length range of 1m – 1.4, and weighing only 440gm. And that blade at 81 square inches is a good size for kids

So if you can’t afford a kids iSUP (or just simply don’t think one is necessary), but want to improve your kids fun and development quotient, you now know what to do!

Kids FG Nylon paddle only £50 including delivery.

V81 race paddle only £150 including bag and delivery.

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