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Customer stand up paddle board reviews – can you believe them?

It’s often difficult to tell whether a review is a real review, or whether it’s been paid for, or ghost written.

In fact, some recent research suggests that many of the reviews on Amazon are fake, or bought. And even when they are real, they are left soon after purchase, and sometimes before the product has even been used, so that they give little indication of quality or longevity.

The consumer group Which? said its surveys showed 97% of its members used reviews when buying a product, and 30% had been disappointed by products they had bought after seeing good reviews.

All of the reviews on our website and facebook profile are real – from real customers. And our customers are so amazing, that sometimes they come back to our website many months after purchasing to leave a review.

We try not to be too smug about our reviews – there are many poor quality SUP brands out there shouting about how great their 5* reviews are. But we’re going to make an exception about this review. Because it’s made us really proud

“Like so many of your reviewers I’m sure, I agonised over the decision before taking the plunge with you. I’d been on Red boards before, liked them but balked at paying four figures for what I wanted.”

“My daughter said “this is easy” then fell off – that’ll teach her – but she really liked the simplicity and the ‘point and go’ ease of maneuvering.”

“So the Go Explore is much stiffer, much lighter and much better-behaved while still managing to be a long way more than £300 better value than either the Red or Starboard equivalents. “

“So here I am 5 months down the line. A UK winter and a few excursions on the board older. Still love the board, still love the concept of buying direct and still giving out the website to anyone interested.”

“If you’re thinking of buying a SUP, but aren’t quite ready to commit to McConks, just do it. You won’t regret it.”

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