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Customer feedback rocks – McConks 12’8 Go Explore stand up paddle board back in stock!

We love hearing feedback from our customers. Good or bad it helps us evolve as a stand up paddle board brand. Of course, if it’s positive then all the better, such as this recent snippet from a customer who purchased a McConks 12’8 Go Explore three years ago! Still going strong as you see from the below.

‘A quick update, coming up for three years from purchase. So: My granddaughter age 6 loves it. My children love it. My son in law loves it (he’s getting one from you shortly). My wife is even contemplating going out on it!

Not a sign of wear anywhere, despite some pretty lengthy excursions and rough handling. Handles really well on the sea.  Tracks straight, suffers fools and novices with impeccable manners

I’ve upgraded to the HP3 pump which is well worth the money for this board – although one of my daughters is also looking at the compressor… The HP3 fills it to 20psi in about 12-15 minutes tops.

The bamboo paddle is a work of art. Because of my height (195cm), Andy (McConkey) fashioned a carbon fibre extension for me which added another dimension.

And finally, the seat is great for my granddaughter to come paddling with me – she feels like she’s a princess in a Disney movie. Which I think makes me a servant! She has her own child’s paddle which she uses as a fantastic way to make grandad work harder.

All in all I can’t recommend the board enough. Excellent value.’

Great stuff! We’re so pleased you’re getting value from it. If anyone else wants to own their own McConks 12’8 Go Explore then head over to the shop now. For any additional info on this or any other McConks SUP product just holla.

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