Curativate SUP Yoga with the McConks Fitmat 7’3.

Pics: Curativate

Hands up! We don’t give SUP Yoga enough air time on the McConks blog. Even though Mrs McConks practises it and we have gear for all you keen Yogis.

As anyone who practises SUP Yoga will tell you the addition of floating on water whilst striking those all important poses is an extra dimension and challenge that can become totally addictive. If you’ve never tried SUP Yoga then we’d urge anyone who paddles (or indeed does anything physical) to do so. Yoga in general can be a great way to ease those aches and pains, get more supple and add a calming, meditative element to your busy life.

If you have a inflatable stand up paddle board then you’re good to go. Gen up on common Yoga poses and put them to work aboard your SUP. And for those who are true keen beans then the McConks Go Balance fit mat 7’3 is worth a look.

Created specifically for floating Yoga the Go Balance fit mat 7’3 isn’t a conventional stand up paddle board it’s more of a floating platform. You can see in the accompanying pics from Laurie at Curativate how she puts the fit mat 7’3 to good use. If you fancy learning more about wellness and SUP Yoga then hit up the Curativate website to find out more about Laurie and what she can offer. Likewise, let us know if you have any questions about the McConks Go Balance fit mat 7’3.

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