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Choose (an outdoor) SUP life.

We’re all addicts. Some more than others granted. Most of us here are SUP addicts. Where you channel this addiction and the energy it consumes is what separates you. At its heart addiction is an escape mechanism. A way to rid yourself of the day’s stress and trials that frequently occur.

For some it’s opening that bottle of wine, kicking back and slurping eagerly. For others it’s the absolute must do exercise of catching up with your latest soap/reality TV show/insert other. So we’re not suggesting everyone is heading down the Class A route (as the title of this article would suggest), in fact far from it. But as humans addictive personalities are normal.

After a hard day in the office, running around after kids, walking the dog, cooking dinner and so on it’s understandable all we want to do is chill out. But often missed is the fact that active hobbies, such as SUP, walking, cycling, surfing and swimming (to name a few) are proven stress busters and a way to unwind. Also unlike beverage quaffing they’re inherently better for your well-being. And don’t get us started on consuming bad TV, most of which we can all do without – but that’s a separate can of worms for another time…

SUP is a positive so if you’re addicted to paddling then it’s no bad thing.

We’re not suggesting everyone become tee-total and perch on the wagon. As much as the next man/woman we enjoy a tipple and soaking up the latest on whichever streaming service you subscribe. But offsetting this ‘addiction’ by finding an active route to channel nervous energy will not only keep you healthy of body but also of mind and spirit.

Perhaps addiction isn’t the correct term. Maybe we should describe the human race as creatures of habit. There’s no denying, however, that getting ‘out there’, in whatever guise you deem fit, is the best type of habit. Finding what flicks your switch is the trick. For some it’s tackling Neptune’s wrath (surfing) while for others it’s ascending to the gods via a precarious mountain pathway (climbing). But it doesn’t have to be extreme. Paddling or walking a few miles, but doing it regularly (read habit/addiction), is as good as any ‘gnarly dude’ pastime like surfing for instance.

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