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Buying a budget inflatable stand up paddle board – tips on getting it right.

For anyone looking to buy a new in inflatable stand up paddle board we’d suggest going as premium as you can, for various reasons: longevity and performance being two good ones! We appreciate, however, that whilst we’d consider McConks to be affordable not everyone has the funds to buy from us, let alone any other brand who charges more. In this instance we understand that something costing less will be your choice.

Most budget boards are perfectly acceptable if you get the right size for you. Also, a 6″ thick (or 5″ if you can find them and it’s not totally bargain basement) board will best serve your needs. There is a higher failure rate, and not all of the failures are evident on day one. Pressure testing the board from the moment it arrives is good practise. If it doesn’t lose air over 3 or 4 days then you’ve got a better chance of it being one of the good ones. Also check that there are no bits coming unglued (e.g. no deckpad lifting, D-rigs are firmly adhered and fin boxes). Make sure the seams have a regular overlap all the way around, because less overlap areas are where it’s more likely to fail. If you do manage to be teh owner of a good one then it could last you as long as a premium board. In time you may decide an upgrade is applicable but in the short terms something that allows for maximum fun on the water is what you’re searching for.

If you want any further advice about what makes a good inflatable stand up paddle board then get in touch. Good luck!

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