You are currently viewing Black Friday SUP 2021 ads missing in action?

Black Friday SUP 2021 ads missing in action?

Black Friday SUP ads were coming on strong during 2020. Whenever you hit up the internet, search on Google or your usual social media network ads from brands selling their SUP wares would pop up. As it stand in 2021, however, Black Friday SUP 2021 (so called) deals don’t seem to be as abundant. And ads are also lacking.

Black Friday SUP 2021 online ads.

Online ads work by honing into your browsing habits and then showing in a contextual form on relevant websites. If you’re interested in stand up paddle boarding, as we (and no doubt you) are then these ads should appear. Yet we haven’t seen anywhere near as many as the last few years.

You couldn’t get away from Black Friday SUP ads at one point. Every brand seemingly had a deal in 2021. And it was those lower priced, more budget orientated stand up paddle boards that really went to town with social media and web wide advertising. Yet missing in action seems to be the case for 2021.

The stand up paddle board industry as it stands (generally).

There could be a few reasons why the above’s the case. It’s no secret that SUP has enjoyed phenomenal growth since the pandemic began. We’ve talked about the reasons why at length here on Every peddler of SUP goods – from actual hardware to accessories and peripheral products – have seen large volumes of sales. Pre-orders were all sold out well in advance of 2021’s summer season with many. Yet the orders continued. Unfortunately, economical issues started to rear their head and we feel these effects right now.

Black Friday SUP 2021
Will global supply chains further impact the SUP industry?

Global supply chains, across all sectors, are severely lacking. You’ll have probably seen numerous news reports about this. Everything from the goods themselves to actual raw materials is affected by big shortages. And then there’s the actual shipping and transport of goods. Whether by sea, air or land everything’s snarled up with red tape and issues. Actually, getting products in the UK is now way harder, and more expensive, than ever! Everything is compounded. SUP brands have mostly sold their stock and possibly couldn’t replenish even if they wanted to. Instead, the focus is on 2022 season and making ready for that.

(Note: we appreciate the frustrations of anyone still waiting for SUP and watersports gear).

McConks don’t do Black Friday SUP.

The savvy are aware that Black Friday in many cases isn’t exactly what it says on the tin. A deal may appear to be cost saving when actually the prices have been hiked prior to Black Friday. That means when products are supposedly discounted they’re simply brought back down to their actual cost.

Black Friday SUP 2021
McConks SUP gear: priced properly from the get go.

Here at McConks we price our SUP equipment fairly. We obviously have to recoup overheads and make a profit. Sometimes we may have deals on the site as well. But this isn’t anything to do with eth likes of Black Friday, January sales or any other marketing ploy. It could be we discount because there are maybe one or two models left in that size and we want to shift them to make way for new stock. We’re also not in the one business of one-upmanship. You purchase from McConks because you buy into our ethos and appreciate what we can offer in terms of quality and performance.

You can find out more about McConks’s stance on Black Friday and the like here.

SUP in 2021.

If you’re looking for a quality stand up paddle board then hit up the McConks webshop as you may find something to your liking. From our point of view we’re looking towards 2022 and next season’s spring SUP kick off. There’ll be new ‘toys’ appearing with old favourites still in place.

Black Friday SUP 2021
Looking forwards to 2022’s SUP season.

For anyone with questions about McConks SUP gear then hit us up. We’re only too happy to help and guide. That’s another added value thing we do without thought. From a ‘deal’ point of view that’s worth its weight in gold. Knowledge is, after all, one of the most valuable things you can own.

Find out more about McConks SUP gear here.

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