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Analysis paralysis and stand-up paddle boarding.

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Procrastination is an affliction many of us suffer from. This can often lead to analysis paralysis. Stalling to overthink something; not sure about taking that leap; faltering big time and ultimately paralysing your progression.

When stand up paddle boarding first came on the scene (in its modern incarnation) during the early 2000s it was a ‘sport’ many a waterman and woman embraced. A craft able to ride waves of sizes, cover open ocean distances, train aboard and chuck down the odd waterfall. These days stand up paddling has evolved into something far less adrenaline fuelled but no less fulfilling for many.

COVID’s impact on stand up paddle boarding.

During the last few years, where the global pandemic has put the kybosh on many things –  including travel – stand up paddle boarding has been the go to recreational activity for home. Staycationing or just looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors, without straying too far, has seen SUP boom.

It’s ironic as pre-COVID the stand up paddle boarding industry has stalled with many brands in a state of consolidation. The initial explosion had already occurred. Although that was more sneeze than explosion due to the economic crash of 2008. But nobody could’ve foreseen COVID.

Suddenly everyone was clamoring for stand up paddle boarding gear – inflatables especially. Demand was high and brand stock depleted quickly. Re-supply then proved tricky with COVID impacting overseas manufacturing and sourcing of materials. The UK’s Brexit strategy then started to impact getting products into the country and everything became messy. Yet still, people wanted gear to get afloat…

Stand up paddle boarding now (as of March 2022).

Due to the sheer numbers, it’s understandable that new riders are coming from none-watersports backgrounds. What started as an arm of the extreme sports industry has now become more about recreation. Getting float isn’t about chasing waves or the next big downwind route. For most, it’s a fair weather, family activity that can be enjoyed without super high tech equipment.

Without getting bogged down (in this article) with the SUP safety aspect there’s been plenty of documented cases of fledgling paddlers getting into trouble whilst afloat. This is often due to lack of experience and knowledge. And in most cases riders going it alone having not sought professional guidance from an instructor.

SUP still continues to be popular. But with COVID restrictions being lifted, normal life resuming and ‘life’ suddenly taking back over and it being winter there’s been a slightly slower uptake these last few months of the off season.

Yet we know for a fact, having had conversations, a large chunk of onlookers are still considering getting involved with SUP…

Analysis paralysis.

Back to the original title of this article and stuck in stall mode, because of paralysis analysis is understandable based on the above comments. You may be someone who likes the look of SUP but with zero water experience are hesitant and tentative about going all in.

Analysing what may be is causing your paralysis of taking part. You’re just about to hit go but suddenly you step away, anxiety creeping in and stall mode taking over once again. And we get it! It’s a big ask to get someone with no water experience to dive headlong into watersports.

Don’t get stuck with analysis paralysis. You too can find your freedome with SUP.

The good news!

Stand up paddle boarding isn’t super difficult to get involved with. Of course, some will take to paddling quicker than others. A variety of factors dictate this. But in almost all situations, with a little perseverance and time, it’s possible to be paddling around with sustained ride height and not falling top often.

An experienced instructor will set you on the correct path. So it’s definitely worth looking at this option. Your coach will give you every skill needed. From those practical paddling strokes to the knowledge needed to remain safe and enjoy your time afloat. SUP coaching is worth its weight in cold and will help alleviate that paralysis analysis no end. Thus freeing up your anxious thoughts to purchase your own stand up paddle boarding gear and enjoy one of the most accessible watersports.

If you’re a nervous SUP newbie then that’s OK. Don’t be afraid to give us a shout and kick that paralysis analysis into touch. We’re only happy to chat all things stand up paddle boarding and guide you in the ways of the paddle. You’ll be thankful you did.

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