Adventure SUP pitfalls (and how to avoid them).

Adventure SUP is one of the most fun things you can do aboard your stand up paddle board. Also referred to as touring SUP getting out there and investigating your local or brand new waterways further afield is where it’s at. Have SUP; will travel and all that.

Prior planning and preparation is key for efficient adventure SUPing. Although you have to be careful to avoid some of the following pitfalls. Common sense does prevail regardless.

Make a plan, but don’t over plan!

Having some idea of where you’re heading is obviously a good idea. If you’re paddling blind then from a SUP safety point of view you’ll not have any clue of what’s to be avoided. Plan your route beforehand. And if you can carry out a recce of the area beforehand.

Check your route via a map and have some idea of where important get outs will be located and if you’ll be required to portage any section(s). If you’re in need of amenities – such as a suitable camping ground – then know these as well if possible.

A decent adventure SUP plan could get you to places like this.

Whilst having a plan is a good idea going overboard will only serve to stress you out. It’ll also remove the sense of adventure from your chosen paddle route. Therefore try to avoid crossing every T and dotting every I. Leave some discovery in the mix as this’ll make it more fun.

Pack well, but don’t over pack.

Just as with planning, you’ll need to allow for all those essential items needed along the way. If you’re heading off on a multi-day excursion certain ‘stuff’ will definitely be high on your agenda of must haves. And with this gear being lugged aboard your SUP it’s important to keep these belongings to only the most essential.

Pack well but don’t over pack.

Trying to cart everything including the kitchen sink will only laden your stand up paddle board down and make the going arduous. The lighter you can travel the better. Consider your type of tent, sleeping mat and just how many different layers of clothing you’ll need for instance. Getting it right will see your adventure SUP mission go off without a hitch.

Check your SUP gear well in advance.

This should go without saying as it’s directly linked to your SUP safety whilst out adventure paddling. Check ALL your gear thoroughly. Any holes, dings or repairs to your board, paddle and fins need to be sorted before you get to the start of your SUP adventure. Make sure you have a quality leash and safety belt also. Replace worn out types.

Any other kit you’re taking will also need to be given a once over. It’d be a crying shame to find your sleeping bag’s leaky and that Kelly Kettle doesn’t work! Being well prepared is essential for a fun time during your SUP adventures.

Know the weather and don’t take unnecessary risks.

Unfortunately, in the UK, the weather is always in the mix and can often work against us. Dashing hopes of many a stand up paddle boarding session Mother Nature does like to chuck curves balls our way.

During the run up to your adventure SUP window make sure you’re keeping an eye on weather forecasts and know how that’ll affect things once afloat. If your paddle is likely to cover consecutive days you’ll need to account for that as far as weather goes.

Should things start to look too unpleasant or risky then don’t be shy in canceling your plans. Better to paddle another day than get yourself into a sticky situation.

Leave no trace.

We all love the outdoors. It’s why we paddle SUP boards. Stand up paddling is another way to enjoy our natural surroundings. As ambassadors for the outdoors it’s important we do our bit and lead by example. The worse thing in the world, therefore, is to leave a trail of litter and rubbish in our wake as you paddle through each spot.

Enjoying your SUP adventures is great. Just remember to leave no trace…

Take your trash home. Or look for more environmentally friendly ways of enjoying your adventure SUP time without creating piles of litter. When out and about paddling we should be leaving each area as we expect it to be found.

Adventure SUPing is something we highly recommend here at McConks. If you’ve never had your own SUP adventure then this season is definitely the time to get involved.

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