A chap we know makes lush SUP paddles – and we’re currently testing them!

Truly works of art these fine looking specimens are hand crafted SUP paddles that are so beautiful they’ll make your eyes water. Artisan stand up paddle board equipment such as this isn’t a new thing. Back at SUP‘s modern inception (2005 and on) a handful of woodturners and skilled with saw types were making gear like this. For some reason it all but faded away in the run up to 2020 bar a real small few who kept things going. There are probably a bunch of reasons why this is the case, not least costs of items like this.

Currently Family McConks is putting these gorgeous looking creations through their paces when we go afloat. You can see them in action in the following video –


Stay tuned to hear about our findings with these. As we’ve said in previous posts we’re always looking for ways to evolve the McConks brand. This could be pone such method of adding to our already existing catalogue of SUP paddles.

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