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5 of the best places to SUP in the UK.

Before we get jumped all over this isn’t THE best 5 places to SUP instead it’s more of a selection of what’s available. Lists like these are always subjective. One paddler’s honey is another’s Marmite. Everyone has an opinion and opinions differ based on circumstance, criteria and a whole host of other factors. The list below, however, will have something in it that’ll prick the interests of many. You may not agree with all but we’re sure you’ll discover a location that you fancy tackling…

Where would you add?

Marazion, Mounts Bay, Cornwall

Being a south-west Cornwall spot Marazion can serve up all manner of SUP kinds conditions; from waves to flat water, choppy to blustery. Whilst it doesn’t face the same direction as its north coast siblings, and therefore pick up the same amount of swell, there’s still potential for a spot of SUP surfing if that’s your bag. Alternatively, and often during the summer months, Mazza (as the locals call it) can be flat. With the iconic St. Michael’s Mount off to the left and Penzance to the right it’s a top SUP touring spot that on a windless, sunny day can resemble a more exotic location. Access is easy, with parking right next to the put in. At low tide it has more expose sand which can be good for families.

The Lake District, Cumbria

The Lakes hardly need introduction, such is their reputation for awe-inspiring mountain vistas and elongated waterways plunged at the foot those troughs and valleys. Walkers, climbers and bikers are well acquainted with this spot but in recent years SUP has been accepted onto some of the lakes. Being a sheltered area there can be blissful, windless days, although weather can still be changeable and exposed corners blustery as strong gusts sweep down steep fells. Still, if you want to experience Wordsworth’s land then from atop a SUP couldn’t be better. Ullswater, in particular, should be on your list.

The Broads, Norfolk/Suffolk

Formed after flooding peat workings The Broads is a (mostly) navigable set of lakes and canals that straddle both counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. Offering idyllic flat water touring SUP conditions The Broads is a national park punctuated every so often by historic windmill pump stations erected to keep water levels static. For paddlers there’s miles of water to either meander along in mellow fashion or, for those with inclination, put the hammer down. It should be noted that at certain times of year some stretches do have restrictions so check before launching.

Seven Sisters, East Sussex

Formed out of white chalk cliffs East Sussex’s Seven Sisters are the iconic ends of the South Down’s where many a TV and film crew have pointed their camera (Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood had scenes filmed here). Whether you’re after open water tidal paddling, or more sheltered conditions (found at Cuckmere Valley) you’ll be well served. Staring up at the towering cliffs is jaw dropping out at sea whilst meandering along the Cuckmere River is a rather more chilled out affair.

Tiree, Hebrides, Scotland

During bouts of good weather, with sunshine in the mix (which can often be the case in Tiree as one of the brightest locations in the UK), Tiree’s beaches and lapping Atlantic water resemble a more Tropical destination. The small Hebridean island attracts all manner of watersports enthusiasts with its diverse set of conditions. From BIG waves to more mellow surf and even flat water it’s a location that begs you to put in with your SUP. The overall ambience of Tiree, with its small population, makes the whole island very chilled indeed. Nervous newbies will also find a small sheltered lake for taking those first steps.

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