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Winter SUP articles – inspiration and paddle boarding knowledge for the off season.

Here at McConks we’re big fans of winter paddling. We appreciate why many aren’t fond of the off season yet it can be just as awesome as summer. Time it right and you’ll score incredibly fulfilling paddle boarding sessions. Depending on Mother Nature’s moods there may be a little waiting in between floats. Being patient is often key. There’s no question, however, that winter paddle boarding is a great thing. So don’t hang up your paddles just yet! Here are some of the articles, posts and videos we’ve published over the last few years that could inspire and motivate you to get amongst it.

This article is all about preparing for winter properly. If you are thinking of SUPing this off season then you’ll need to have a few things ticked off. SUP safety – in particular – is something to keep in mind. Click the image to read the article.

If you’re wondering what type of paddling winter can serve up then you’ll be wanting to read this post. All about the different types of paddle boarding that winter can be great for it’s one to take note if you’re looking to diversify your SUPing. Click the image to read.

We posted this video a few weeks back. If you’re looking for winter SUP inspiration then have a gander.

Our man in Sweden – Chris Jones – loves a bit of winter paddling. Don’t believe us? Then check out the gallery below of the man himself. Tell us that doesn’t motivate you to get SUPing this off season.

And if you really can’t stomach a winter of paddle boarding in the UK then how about heading off for some overseas SUP travel. Holidays can certainly help reset the clock and get you inspired to SUP. It might also egg you on to continue once you get back to Blighty. Maybe. Hit the image link to read the story.

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