Winter adventure SUP kit checklist.

Any reader of the McConks blog will most likely be aware of our fondness for SUP in all weather. Just because the seasons change doesn’t mean you have to stop swinging a paddle. And this applies to all areas of paddle boarding. Winter can be an amazing time if you time it right. And adventure paddling is possibly one of the easiest areas to access.

Adventure SUP can be anything you choose. From heading off on day long sojourns to overnight camping. It can be done in your own paddling backyard (there’s plenty to discover on your doorstep) or you may decide to head off further afield. In all cases, you’ll need a few essentials to take along with you.

Note: don’t underestimate the need to carry a spare paddle, additional floatation devices and a repair kit. As well as adhering to SUP safety.

We put to gether a bunch of gear that’ll aid your paddle boarding adventures this winter. The biggest tip we can give for winter adventure SUP is ‘be prepared’. Unlike summer you have a variety of factors that can be against you – not least the weather. Getting ‘tooled up’ before you head off your journey is half the battle.

Note: the above SUP clothing isn’t reflective of what you might also need. This is just a selection of what we feel will help make your winter SUP adventures more comfortable. For instance, you may partner the sleeveless wetsuit with another layer fit for cold water. The hoodie and change robe will then serve you well once back on dry land.

As we said at the start these items are just scratching the surface of what you may need for your winter SUP adventures. Carefully consider your requirements and plan accordingly. If you need any advice then feel free to get in touch.

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