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Wing SUP: the easiest wind sport to get to grips with?

We’ll start off by saying that our subject in the accompanying pics has only just started stand up paddle boarding and had zero wind activity experience before taking hold of the new McConks Go Fly 6m wing. There’s lots of chat about how wings are super easy to use because of fo their lightweight nature, easy pack capabilities and almost intuitive handling on the water. This theory needed to be put to the test so we asked our friend Oli if he’d be game.

Purposely we gave the chap as little info as poss, instead wanting to see how he coped. Conditions were pretty idyllic, if not that breezy. With Med like weather, warm seas and a mere puff of westerly breeze Oli took the Go Fly 6m and got involved.

You can see from the pics that straight off the bat Oli was up and riding on his knees with the 6m Go Fly placed accurately. Instinctively he made sure the wing had as much power as poss. Compared to windsurf sails, for instance, the sheeting angle of a wing isn’t as critical. At least not until you’re looking at more high performance wing riding such as being on foil. That said Oli did a good job of keeping it in place and getting a wriggle on across the wind. He also managed a few downwind turns (gybes) and was happily huffing back to the beach. There were a few walks back upwind and a couple of stacks into the drink but by and large the chap nailed his first session. Unfortunately the wind died a death soon after so we couldn’t take things further. As far as answering the article’s title question, however, that’s a resounding yes! If you’re looking for a way to make use of breezy autumn days the wings certainly fit the bill and aren’t difficult to get started with.

Get in touch for more info about McConks’ Go Fly wing range or if you have any other questions about the windy side of SUP. Also check out this guide here.

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