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Wing skating – learning to one wheel wing with James Dunstone.

Wing skating is something we’ve talked about for a while. If you follow McConks on Instagram you may have seen a post we published a while back showing James Dunstone getting used to the McConks Go Fly wing on land. For anyone looking to learn the ways of the wing this is the best course of action before hitting the water proper. Dialing in wing handling prior to wingSUPing (the next step) is definitely worthwhile. Following this, there are a few other tricks you could employ – especially if wingfoiling is the end goal.

Learning to one wheel wing skating with the McConks Skatewheel.

James is a long time surfer and, more recently, keen SUP surfer. That said he’s never really been a skater and had never set foot on a one wheel machine like the McConks Skatewheel. As a training tool for foiling you can’t beat it though. The subtle movements – fore and aft – are exactly the same kind of muscle memory needing to be developed for foiling. Learning how to ride the McConks Skatewheel was therefore a good move, and fun in its own right.

We’ve said it before but learning how to use a Skatewheel really is quick and easier than you’d think. With guidance, it took James less than two minutes to be riding back and forth – as you can see from the accompanying pics. A further five minutes later he was turning heelside, with toeside following on from that.

James commented that the Skatewheel’s carving ability mimics snowboarding and surfing. This backs up everything we say too. If you want to surf and snowboard all year – but on land – get yourself a McConks Skatewheel!

Wing skating with the McConks one wheel Skatewheel.

We have it on good authority that one of the best training tools for wingfoiling is wing skating. An inflatable wing and longboard style skateboard or land paddle board is a great way to train further wing handling skills, ready to implement on the water. Add a McConks Skatewheel to the mix, however, and suddenly you’re getting that foiling feeling too.

Pretty soon after James had mastered riding the Skatewheel we handed him a Go Fly inflatable wing. With subtle bodyweight shifts it’s simple to get the set up moving and experience the feeling of what foiling with a wing would be like. There are a few more ‘pieces to the puzzle’ when on the brine. But by and large, it’s as close to wingfoiling on land as you can get. And certainly lays the preparatory groundwork for what’s to come on the water.

Nailing it!

And Mr Dunstone nailed it! Straight off the bat he was riding the Skatewheel and flying the Go Fly wing in tandem. The small amount of speed generated by the Skatewheel helps create apparent wind in the wing and delivers a ‘real feel’. As a training tool for wingfoiling you really can’t beat a set up like this. With all the benefits of being able to use individual products for fun in their own right.

At the end of the session, James commented how much easier than expected the whole thing was. And how nice the gear is. Intuitive, well manufactured and with great looks the Mcconks Skatewheel and Go Fly wing are available via the webshop now.

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