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Why wait for Black Friday? McConks don’t do Black Friday SUP deals…

Can you see through the ridiculousness of Black Friday, or are you convinced by the bargains? Our experience is that Black Friday deal aren’t deals at all. Through peak season prices are hiked to guarantee as maximum a margin as possible. Come days like Black Friday during the paddleboarding off season, and what appears to be a reduction is actually a sale price more in line of what the item’s actually worth in terms of tech, performance and quality. Yet time and again we see consumers clamouring for these so called ‘deals’ without a thought for the ‘game’ being played by some companies.

Of course, not every brand is like this. Some are reputable, above board and transparent. McConks likes to think of ourselves the latter. We wear our hearts on sleeves – as can be seen in many posts across this very website and our social media feeds. McConks tells it like it is and prices our stand up paddle boards, paddles and accessories in the fairest way possible. As such you won’t see Black Friday deals on McConks’ website.

We appreciate, even with the above being said, that you still may be looking for a SUP bargain. Have no fear on this as you can rest assured that the cost of McConks SUP kit is as keen as you’re likely to find based on its quality, usability and longevity. Sustainability is something we bang on about regularly and we stake our reputation on the fact McConks iSUPs are fit for purpose, well manufactured and will stand the test of time. And we don’t play marketing games with prices. You can preorder for the next year at a discount – because that saves us money, Or you can buy at full price during the season. Simple, transparent and honest pricing. Same with our paddles; same with our accessories; same with anything we put our name to.

So, no, you won’t find a sudden slashing of prices in the McConks webshop. Instead, you’ll discover fair costs for gear designed to deliver you fun and functionality is the best way we know how. There may be a few additional deals to be had from time to time, via our ex demo equipment. But by and large the new products we offer are available to get you SUPing in no time and progressing down whichever avenue of the sport you feel best suits.

Why not head over to the McConks webshop and have a nose. If you have any questions about any of our gear then give us a shout via the usual channels.

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